Three Years. Two Months. Fourteen Days.

Thursday night was a little rough. After getting the first truckload of stuff over to my mom’s, we had a few things left to pack up and move with the cars.

As we took the trash out to the curb, and vacuumed the last few rooms, it still hadn’t hit us. Even though the house was completely empty, it still felt like ours. It still felt just like home. Earlier in the day, I told Jimmy that I didn’t think I would cry … I was wrong. Right before walking out the door, J insisted that we lay on the living room floor together one last time. We thanked each other for the beautiful three years, two months, and fourteen days we shared in this home. We both got a bit teary.

We eventually got up and decided it was time to leave. Locking that door for the last time was so hard. It felt like my house was on life support, and I was about to pull the plug. We just couldn’t do it. Finally, the door was locked, and we made our way to the cars parked in the driveway.  As my eyes started to burn from the tears that were forming, J gave me a big hug. We stood there in silence … trying not to cry. We just couldn’t go. Right then, a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere, cracking the branches in the trees above our heads. That was it. It was time to leave. Madge, the previous owner who built the house, has always had a place in our hearts. We think it was her way of letting us know that we could go.

Today, it’s been a few days since we slept in our old room. A few days since I walked to the mailbox. A few days since I greeted my husband as he walked through the old front door. My heart is still heavy … I know we made the right decision. Life feels a bit off-balance right now, but nothing that’s worth anything is easy, right? We are so incredibly grateful for my mom and step-dad for opening up their home for us. It’s fun having roommates again!



One response to “Three Years. Two Months. Fourteen Days.

  1. We love having you . . . and it’s your home too . . . always!

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