Like a Hurricane.

Whoa. So, from the time we last posted … Our house has gone from ‘listed-house-ready-for-a-showing-at-any-time’ to ‘where-is-the-floor’. As it turns out … 10 days is a crazy-short length of time to get everything organized for a move. If you need me in the next week … I’ll probably be buried under one of the 8233435 piles of junk in this house!

Our poor office is looking like a hurricane went through it! The good part about getting everything organized: I keep finding things that I’ve blamed Jimmy for losing! I may or may not have found the Exacto blades I blamed him for throwing away. Ooops!

Next stop: the kitchen! Oh boy … Just wait until you see that disaster! :)



One response to “Like a Hurricane.

  1. I’m so happy for ya’ll! It is going to be a crazy whirlwind of 10 days, but it will be so fun too! Congrats!

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