An Open Letter to Pessimists.

Dear Pessimists,

I think you know who you are. You’re the ones who like to rain on the parade. You’re the poop in the Cheerios. As Jimmy and I get closer to our big move, we wanted to be sure we gave you a bit of perspective … and maybe a bit of optimism.

Since we announced our big move a little over a year ago, we’ve had such amazing support from most of our friends and our family. Even though they are sad to see us go, they are behind us all the way. Plus, now they all have a free place to stay in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What about you, pessimists? You have nothing but negative thoughts and ‘what ifs’ in regards to our move. You point out all of the things that might go wrong and that probably won’t work out. Well, we’re here to tell you: live isn’t perfect, life isn’t easy, and anything worth having is worth working hard for. We know this move won’t be easy … but we’re excited to put everything we have into making it work.

We’re sad that we’re leaving the only state we’ve ever known as home. We’re scared about moving to a new city, and having to re-learn roads, directions and general proximities. We’re anxious about making new friends. We’re sad to leave our families. We’re sad to leave our friends.

Does that make you happy, pessimists? … To learn that we’re afraid. Well, those things are just fears … they can be conquered. We’re excited to move into a new place. We’re excited to explore a new city. We’re stoked about the new friends we’ll be meeting. We’re ecstatic to be reunited with our best friends. We’re so happy we’ll be living in a place that is so beautiful it takes your breath away! We’re excited to finally start putting our roots down in a place that feels like home.

In conclusion, we’re getting ready to embark on the biggest/scariest/most exciting journey of our lives. Yes, we know the risks … but we also know the rewards. We would appreciate the full support of our friends and family … Please, no more guilt trips, no more ‘what ifs’, no more negativity. Now, if we come crawling back to Indiana with our tails between our legs, feel free to say ‘I told you so!’ … Until then, be our rocks, be our cheerleaders, and enjoy this wild ride we’re going to share with you!



**Before anyone gets their feelings hurt, please know this – This isn’t directed at one single person … It’s just something that we’ve noticed about people in general.



4 responses to “An Open Letter to Pessimists.

  1. I applaud you guys for your sense of adventure. We took that same big step and moved away from all our family and friends close to 20 years ago! Although we miss being a part of all the family gatherings around the holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc., we don’t regret moving out west to Indy one bit! So good luck to you and keep us posted…with lots of pictures too!

  2. Haters gonna hate. Can’t wait for you guys to be here!

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