We pulled into the driveway last night after a weekend away from home … what we saw in front of us was worth a high-five … and then some.

Yes, it’s official! We sold our house. Even though we’ve been under contract for about a month, it was all contingent upon inspection. After the inspection, there was a lot of negotiating that took place, which caused sleepless nights, tears, and lots of nerves. Finally, we all compromised. Now, we have 10 days to pack up everything we own, sell what we no longer want, and move out of our house. <- Yeah, that’s a little scary to think about. But, we’re excited!

In other news, the Summer is finally transitioning to Fall … When I went to get the mail this morning, I took a couple snaps of the beautiful colors that are popping up.

Now, I’m off to go pack!!!


2 responses to “Sold.

  1. It’s bittersweet . . . .

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