Us and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

Oh my goodness. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more stressful in regards to selling our house … this little thing changed it all:

We had our inspection today. We thought it would go swimmingly well. After all, we just replaced the water heater and fixed the oven. Well, the potential buyers were smart and had a camera run through the sewer line that goes from the house to the main, city sewer line. We wish we would have thought that far ahead when we bought the house 3 years ago.

You see, about a year ago, we were watching TV one night when we heard a gurgle. After heading into the bathroom, we realized there was brown grossness in the bathtub. Obviously, we called a plumbing company right away. They came out to the house, ran a camera, and used a snake to clear out anything (paper, tree roots, etc). Fast forward to the next week … We were talking to the neighbors behind us who informed us the entire street was having plumbing issues because a tree root went through the main line in the neighborhood. We were ecstatic. It meant that our line wasn’t the problem, or the reason for the backup. That made us feel good about deciding to hold off on replacing the line. After that day, there was never another problem. Thank goodness!!

So, during the inspection today … they ran the camera. We’re not clear on the exact findings as of yet, but our realtor informed us that they are getting estimates for replacing the line. We are absolutely devastated! When we were going over our get-ready-for-the-inspection checklist, it never occurred to us that there would be an issue with the sewer. After all, it’s been perfect since we moved in, except for that one day, but we had it remedied and again, it’s been perfect since. We actually thought we’d pass the inspection with flying colors, as we’ve loved this house so much and have done so many upgrades/repairs.

We already negotiated way below what we said we would in order to get the sellers to sign the contract for the house. So now, we wait. There’s absolutely NO way we can afford to replace the line. No way. No how. Unless these buyers are willing to do it themselves … or just let it be (because, there are no problems with it right now), we’re afraid this deal is going to fall through.

Selling this house has been so stressful. We were hoping today would be the day that everything lifted, and we’d be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, we’re still driving around in the dark, praying for that light.

We’ll update as soon as we know anything … Until then, take our advice: find a home you love, and never sell it! ;)


3 responses to “Us and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

  1. Fingers crossed!!! :-/ I’m so sorry you all are having to deal with this.

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