A Freelance Realization

I was driving to my mom’s house today (thanks mom for always letting me crash your place with the pups & cat!!!), when I had an epiphany of sorts.

I guess it will help to go back a few years … As most of you know, I graduated with my bachelors degree back in 2008. A few days after I graduated, I got a job with a charter school in Indianapolis as their graphic designer & special events coordinator. As it turned out, the president of the school was racist and fired me because of ‘cultural differences’ (her words!). She ended up getting fired from her position as there were charges brought against her by other past employees (karma). Anyway, this was 2 days before we were supposed to close on our house. Needless to say, I was shocked, but it worked out. The same day I got fired, I got a call from a marketing/promotions company about another graphic design job. I took it, and loved it. For about 2 years, I was the lead graphic designer for an awesome company. It turned out, that boss was a bit of a skeezy individual (he lied a lot, used client’s money in ways he shouldn’t have, etc), and his business started to fail. Around that time, J and I were sitting in the living room one afternoon when we decided to take our future into our own hands.

I have had an interest in photography for a long time. I credit my parents for always supporting my creativity. I always had a camera while growing up. If I wanted to paint, I had paints. If I wanted to do sand art, pottery, friendship bracelets, airbrushing … I had it. So, we decided that we’d start a photography business. I won’t go into to all of the details, but let’s just say we’ve learned A LOT about photography and running a business since then. I mostly took photos of flowers/nature before … it took a lot to learn how to run a successful business and interact with clients to make them feel comfortable and trust me with their hard earned money.

In March of 2010, I was fired from my graphic design job. I was preparing to turn in my resignation two weeks after that date … my boss knew I had my own business, and he didn’t like it. While it hurt my pride to be fired, I knew things were happening as they were meant to. After a few months, I had to get a part time job serving at a restaurant. J was still in grad school and my business hadn’t grown enough to support our bills. After about a year, I was able to turn in my notice (hey, I didn’t get fired from this one!), and start focusing on my photography/design full time.

So, what’s this epiphany I was talking about in the beginning of this post? I just realized today that I am living my dream! J has an AMAZING job with a local artist right now, and I’m working from home (it’s been 6 months). I am busy … it’s stressful … it’s a bit boring at times … but I am so thankful! I am thankful for my clients that have been the driving force behind making this dream a reality. Most of all … I am thankful for J. He has supported me, always. It’s weird to know that we are paying our bills by having jobs that we love. Weird … and awesome.

Once we get to Portland, we’re both hoping to land some rad jobs. As much as I’d love to do 100% freelance after the move, we’re bring realistic: it’s going to take some time to network and get our names out. So, here’s to making our dreams come true once again.



2 responses to “A Freelance Realization

  1. Know what I love most about this post? A.) That you guys are so happy, and B.) That Rob just bought Jimmy’s shirt, so they can look ridiculous on their man-dates.

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