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An Open Letter to Pessimists.

Dear Pessimists,

I think you know who you are. You’re the ones who like to rain on the parade. You’re the poop in the Cheerios. As Jimmy and I get closer to our big move, we wanted to be sure we gave you a bit of perspective … and maybe a bit of optimism.

Since we announced our big move a little over a year ago, we’ve had such amazing support from most of our friends and our family. Even though they are sad to see us go, they are behind us all the way. Plus, now they all have a free place to stay in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What about you, pessimists? You have nothing but negative thoughts and ‘what ifs’ in regards to our move. You point out all of the things that might go wrong and that probably won’t work out. Well, we’re here to tell you: live isn’t perfect, life isn’t easy, and anything worth having is worth working hard for. We know this move won’t be easy … but we’re excited to put everything we have into making it work.

We’re sad that we’re leaving the only state we’ve ever known as home. We’re scared about moving to a new city, and having to re-learn roads, directions and general proximities. We’re anxious about making new friends. We’re sad to leave our families. We’re sad to leave our friends.

Does that make you happy, pessimists? … To learn that we’re afraid. Well, those things are just fears … they can be conquered. We’re excited to move into a new place. We’re excited to explore a new city. We’re stoked about the new friends we’ll be meeting. We’re ecstatic to be reunited with our best friends. We’re so happy we’ll be living in a place that is so beautiful it takes your breath away! We’re excited to finally start putting our roots down in a place that feels like home.

In conclusion, we’re getting ready to embark on the biggest/scariest/most exciting journey of our lives. Yes, we know the risks … but we also know the rewards. We would appreciate the full support of our friends and family … Please, no more guilt trips, no more ‘what ifs’, no more negativity. Now, if we come crawling back to Indiana with our tails between our legs, feel free to say ‘I told you so!’ … Until then, be our rocks, be our cheerleaders, and enjoy this wild ride we’re going to share with you!



**Before anyone gets their feelings hurt, please know this – This isn’t directed at one single person … It’s just something that we’ve noticed about people in general.



Like a Hurricane.

Whoa. So, from the time we last posted … Our house has gone from ‘listed-house-ready-for-a-showing-at-any-time’ to ‘where-is-the-floor’. As it turns out … 10 days is a crazy-short length of time to get everything organized for a move. If you need me in the next week … I’ll probably be buried under one of the 8233435 piles of junk in this house!

Our poor office is looking like a hurricane went through it! The good part about getting everything organized: I keep finding things that I’ve blamed Jimmy for losing! I may or may not have found the Exacto blades I blamed him for throwing away. Ooops!

Next stop: the kitchen! Oh boy … Just wait until you see that disaster! :)



We pulled into the driveway last night after a weekend away from home … what we saw in front of us was worth a high-five … and then some.

Yes, it’s official! We sold our house. Even though we’ve been under contract for about a month, it was all contingent upon inspection. After the inspection, there was a lot of negotiating that took place, which caused sleepless nights, tears, and lots of nerves. Finally, we all compromised. Now, we have 10 days to pack up everything we own, sell what we no longer want, and move out of our house. <- Yeah, that’s a little scary to think about. But, we’re excited!

In other news, the Summer is finally transitioning to Fall … When I went to get the mail this morning, I took a couple snaps of the beautiful colors that are popping up.

Now, I’m off to go pack!!!

Why Being A Vegetarian Is Easy

Whenever the topic of vegetarianism comes up with new friends, I typically like to take a back-seat to the conversation. It’s inevitable that I’ll hear things like, “but how do you get your protein?” or “I could totally be a vegetarian if I could eat bacon!” I never judge anyone for their food choices. Ever. If someone wants help or information or recipes for the vegetarian lifestyle, I’m happy to oblige. Obviously, it’s something I believe in … I’m coming up on 4 years! By the way … my responses to those two questions is: DO YOUR RESEARCH! There’s more absorbable protein in plant sources than in meat sources … and I loved bacon too! However, pigs are smarter than dogs, and I just couldn’t imagine knowing that and not caring about eating them. So sad.

Giving up meat was never hard for me. In fact, I had been suffering from severe stomach problems as long I could remember … and once I stopped eating meat, the problem was completely solved. That, within itself, was enough to keep me from eating meat ever again. Being a vegetarian has helped me eat more healthy, whole foods … and most of all, it’s forced me to be more adventurous while cooking and eating. It’s easy, because the food is good.

The only difficulty has been learning to live with a non-vegetarian. Our current situation is this: our home is vegetarian. No meat in the house. If he wants to eat meat outside the house … he’s more than welcome. One time J told me he couldn’t be married to me if I decided to be a vegan. WHAT?! It just couldn’t work. Well, over the past month, I bet 1/2 of our at-home meals have been vegan. Guess what, we’re still married! Take that Mr. Stadick. I never forced him to be a vegetarian … We got into a few fights early on about it. Basically, he told me he’ll never be 100% vegetarian and that I just have to get over it. So I did. I’d obviously love it if he never ate meat again, but it’s not really my business. Our future kids are another story: we fully intend on raising little, nerdy vegetarian kids.

This whole post leads to me this: J and I talked last night about doing a 30 day vegan diet. Once we get moved to Portland, we’re gonna do it. The only exception will be Thanksgiving (I can’t keep my man from enjoying turkey). After reading some amazing vegan blogs … I realized, we don’t really eat much dairy anyway. Everyday things like eggs can easily be substituted with something called a ‘flax egg’ (water & flax seed mixed … forms a gooey egg-like texture), and instead of cows milk, almond or soy milk will do the trick. There are several brands of vegan cheeses … and using nutritional yeast is a great way to get a creamy texture in a dish. Lastly, coconut ice cream is the icing on the cake. It’s vegan … and dreamy!

Vegan Asian Lettuce Wraps! Mmmmmm.

In the next month or so, I’m planning a blog post for links to my favorite vegan/vegetarian blogs, and I’ll be sharing more vegan recipes. I think it’s interesting that more of our friends & family have adopted Meatless Monday and/or vegan food into their diets. I think it’s awesome that people are becoming more aware of their food choices! Kudos to you for taking a stand!

Scott & Robin

Last night, Jimmy and I had a laugh about our neighbor, George. He’s a well-meaning man in his early-to-mid 60’s. He’s married to a woman who is just as well-meaning as he is … It’s a lovely combination. However, since we moved into the house, three years ago, George has thought my name is ‘Robin’. One time, I heard him call Jimmy, ‘Scott’. The Robin thing makes sense: 5 letter name, starts with an ‘r’, sounds like a bird. But, Scott?? That’s J’s middle name. How on earth would our neighbor know that?

Sometimes, I feel as though J and I both lack that part of the brain that helps adults stand up for themselves. Lately, I’ve tried getting better at it … ie: telling my other neighbor he can leave my property OR stop talking badly about our president/government. I was pretty proud of myself for that one. But, for some reason, neither J nor myself can bring ourselves to correct George when he calls us Scott & Robin.

This whole thing just makes me laugh. It’s one of those little things that makes me happy to be alive. Seriously … I think discovering quirks about people, and being polite enough to not call them out, is an art. Just like when someone insists a song is by a certain artist (even though you know it’s not), you could correct them (and make them feel stupid), or you can just agree and move on. Ignorance is bliss.

When/if we move away from this house … I’ll miss George. I’ll miss the way he always interrupts our yard work with his own fatherly advice. I’ll miss having a neighbor who is so passionate about his property/yard. I’ll miss running in to him on my morning jogs. Mostly, I’ll miss my alter-ego, Robin. I bet she’s feisty.

An Update About Having No Update.

Everyone keeps asking us how the house stuff is going. Well, we don’t really have much to say that hasn’t been said: selling a house is tiring and emotionally draining. I think our last update was right after the inspection. We did get the full inspection report back … it was about what we expected.

We’ve been sitting with the inspection response in front of us for over a week now. It’s due today at 5:00. We just keep staring at the numbers and estimates given to us to remedy the issues, and we have no idea what to do. It sucks. Like we’ve mentioned before, we negotiated below what we were comfortable with in order to get under contract … and now, every dollar is just a slap in the face. So, we’re faced with some pretty tough decisions today. We’ve already decided there’s no way we can compromise our financial future just to move to Oregon. The fact is: we are still relatively young, we have college debt to pay off, and we want to start a family in the next couple of years. Getting out of this house is just one of our dreams. Are we really ready to sacrifice everything else? I don’t think so.

So, we’ll figure out what we’re comfortable with … we’ll send them our response, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed. We’re hoping to have everything figured out by the end of the week … Then, we’ll have a real update for everyone.

I just realized how depressing this post seems. We’re actually surprisingly optimistic about the whole situation. While I hate being in limbo … we know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. We are happy, and that’s really all that matters in the whole scheme of things.


Yet another fun find at the end of the roll. Jimmy took this photo of his feet at the Indy Wine Fest in June. This photo makes me miss the summertime, already. Even though it’s only early September, the air is cooler … only a few more weeks until the leaves change and the cold air is here to stay.

Kodak Portra 400NC // Ricoh KR-5 Super // 50mm f/2


A little end of roll goodness from our trip to Chicago in June.

Kodak Portra 400NC // Ricoh KR-5 Super // 50mm f/2

A Sweet, Musical Moment

When J and I started dating, music was one of those things we bonded over, instantly. We’d drive around campus, music blaring, singing at the tops of our lungs. He was the first boyfriend I ever let myself sing in front of.

The other night, I told him I wanted to learn guitar. I played violin in middle school (not that I remember any of it), so I figured I might pick it up quickly. J has played guitar for longer than I’ve known him, and I decided he’d be a good teacher. So, we sat on the end of the couch … his arms were wrapped around mine. He started from the beginning: teaching me how to hold the guitar, the basics of strumming & rhythm, and  then we tried singing. As soon as I started singing, I’d lose rhythm. So … he took over the guitar. We played some of our favorite songs. He strummed, we sang. Together. It was the first time I really sang in front of him with no music in the background. It was a beautiful moment. Of course, I felt a little dumb, as I’m not a singer. But, in that room, it didn’t matter.

Six years after our days of driving around campus, listening to music, we’re still singing together. We are happy.


The Weekend

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you’re all enjoying a delightful day off.

We had such a relaxing weekend. After the stressful events of last week, we were happy to relax a bit and enjoy each other’s company.

On Friday night, we went out on a Chipotle date. If you don’t know this already, J and I are obsessed with Chipotle. I could eat dinner there every single day … seriously. So, since we’re trying to eat more dinners at home, Chipotle is becoming less frequent … a date night is the perfect excuse. We came back home and watched The Adjustment Bureau. It was a really good movie … I mean, we love Matt Damon, so we didn’t expect anything less than excellent. Before the movie, J needed to fix the speakers … any excuse to use his headlamp, right?

Saturday morning was lazy. We slept in … then headed out for pankcakes.

After breakfast, we went to a friend’s going away party, then came home in time for the power to go out. We cuddled up with a pizza, some PBR and a movie on the laptop.

Sunday, we headed out to J’s mom’s house. We had lunch and left with so many goodies: J found the old Super 8 projector and movie camera up in the attic. It’s in mint condition and both still work! Now, we just need to buy some film and fire this puppy up!

We also added tons of records to our vinyl collection. Most notably: James Tayor, REO Speedwagon, Elton John, Art Garfunkle, Bing Crosby and some beautiful classical music.

J’s mom was gracious enough to give me a few pieces of her late mother’s jewelry. Grandma Kennedy passed away back in May, and I am honored to wear these pieces. They are beautiful, and obviously, remind us of her … win, win.

Now … onto today. It’s the first extremely beautiful day of the year. It’s not too hot, and not too cool. It’s that perfect temperature that makes you want to reach out your arms and give mother nature a great big hug. It feels like Fall. Here’s a secret: J and I LOVE Fall … hence one of the million reasons we’re moving to Oregon. It’s like the most beautiful Fall day the majority of the year. So, in honor of this amazing time of year, I headed to Bath & Body Works with my mom and sister to buy my favorite Fall candles: Autumn Apple, Leaves and Oatmeal Cookies.

And of course, the best part of this time of year: we can open the windows and let the breeze flow through our house. It’s just beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! We’ll be checking in soon with an update on the house situation. We still haven’t heard from the potential buyers since the inspection, so we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. We’re keeping our chins up and hoping for the best.

*All photos taken with iPhone 4. Edited with Instagram.