The Good News …

Sorry we’ve neglected to update everyone on the status of the selling situation. First of all … we have to say THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts over the past few weeks. Selling a home is emotionally draining, and the fact that our family and friends have been there to support us, has meant the world. So thank you!

And … now for the good news: As of last Friday at 5:00 PM, we are officially under contract to sell the house. We accepted the buyer’s 4th counter offer, and we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we would be more excited if we were making money at all … but all in all, we’re just so excited that the hardest part is over.

We’re just waiting to get the inspection scheduled. After the inspection, we can get really excited, as that’s the point where they could back out if something major showed up. Fortunately, we just bought the house 3 years ago, and all of the hazardous things that were found by our inspector were fixed before we moved in. **UPDATE: Turns out our inspector sucked. The inspection wasn’t as great as we thought.**

So now, it’s just a waiting game. We wait for the inspection, then we wait for closing … which is on or before September 30th. In all honesty, it still doesn’t feel like it’s 100% real. I am sure once we start packing and getting ready to sell everything, things will start feeling like a wheel rolling down a hill. We can’t wait!


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