The Bad News …

Did you see our good news? Well, in true Jim & Ravyn style … we knew something bad was coming our way. After signing the contract on Friday, we were faced with a broken oven. After thinking it might just be the coils, it turned out, it’s more than likely the computer. A pricey repair.

Then, this morning, we woke up to a ‘drip, drip, drip’ … Our 20-year-old water heater was leaking. In all fairness, that thing has held up way longer than it probably should have. Jim took the day off and went to the hardware store to buy a new, beautiful water heater. We just turned her on and fired her up. Soon, we’ll have hot water. After sitting the old water heater out by the curb, it was gone in about 4 minutes. We immediately wondered if we should have taken it to scrap for the $ … Obviously it’s worth something considering it wasn’t even on the curb for 5 minutes!

Of course, both of this things were expensive to fix. In a time that every dollar in our bank account should be going towards our road trip and new apartment, it’s frustrating when we have to keep spending it on things on this house. Like I said, whenever we have super awesome moments in life, there’s always that one thing that keeps us humble. One step forward, two steps back … But guess what, next time, we’re jumping forward … maybe even hanging on the back of a truck while riding a skateboard. That means, the two-steps-back won’t be so bad in comparison.




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