Dreaming of Oregon

Last night … I had a dream about Oregon. Is that a good sign of things to come? In this dream, we had the cutest little home with a picturesque yard to photograph. Our dream is so close we can almost reach out and touch it. Just a few more faxes, signatures, emails, negotiating. We’re so grateful for these people who are wanting to make our current home theirs, and we’re hoping we can all come to a compromise that will make both sides happy!

I thought it would be fun to share 11 (I couldn’t narrow it down) of my favorite iPhone images/memories from our last vacation to Oregon:

Obviously, the flight(s) to Oregon are always awesome. I’m always slightly buzzed on Xanax during the flight (hey, I’m a nervous flyer … it takes the edge off and makes the day really enjoyable), and we always leave early in the morning, so we get to see the sun rise from the airplane .

Our last trip was especially awesome because Amy (our BFF) had NO idea we were coming out. Rob (our other BFF and her hubby) and I planned the whole thing without Jimmy or Amy knowing. I told Jimmy 4 days before we left. Amy found out when we showed up at her door. Rob took a video … I still need to get my hands on it!

Exploring the city of Portland is always fun. This is near Washington Park on the something-something viaduct bridge. I think. That is a mental-notes fail.

The Oregon coast is long and is a mix between beautiful sandy beaches and huge cliffs. We stopped in Oceanside (I think! Again, memory failure) one day … this lighthouse was the first I had ever seen up close. Some little jerks shot the glass with bullets, so it was under repair, but it was still so cool to see.

Instead of sand, some of the beaches are covered with potato size (or bigger) stones. As the water from the ocean rushes in and out, the rocks are turned and tumbled, creating a beautiful, peaceful rumble. That little spot was amazing.

Another shot of the coast. I wish I could build a little cottage and perch it right there on the top of that cliff.

Then, there’s the food! From the food carts downtown, to the microbreweries, to the vegan/vegetarian restaurants, to the old diners … Portland’s food selection cannot be beat. Before heading up to Mt. Hood, we stopped at Fuller’s Restaurant downtown. It was old. You took a seat where you could. The coffee was hot. The food was greasy. It was spectacular.

Mt. Hood was such an amazing adventure. The day we went up the mountain was perfect. At the top, they had just received 36 inches of snow the day before. Since it was warmer at the bottom, there was this fog that blanketed us as we climbed. Right near this spot was a pioneer woman’s grave. They found her remains (and wagon) while building the road … They relocated her next to the road, gave her a proper burial & headstone. Now, travelers stop, give their respects and leave tokens/trinkets at her grave. It was so cool to think of all of the people that had to give their lives to follow their dreams in the Pacific Northwest … It was once uncharted territory. Stories like that give me goosebumps!

The higher up we got … the foggier it got. The snow was deep, but the roads were perfectly clear. I’m sure they would laugh at the 6 inches of snow that bring the midwest to a halt at times. It was the first time we saw snow last year.

We got to the Timberline Lodge in time to grab a cozy seat by a huge window … We all drank hot coffee with Baileys and soaked it all in. This lodge was built by hand. Huge beams were fitted together around a towering stone fireplace, and every corner of it was filled with history.

Then, there was the trip home. Of course it was sad … But in the sadness, there was happiness. At that point, we knew for sure that we’d be moving. Also, the day was clear, meaning we had a beautiful view of the mountains as we were taking off. It’s still hard for me to fathom that we’ll be living amongst this beauty in a matter of months.

Every time we tell people we’re moving to the Northwest, we get the same question: Why? Hopefully this helps you to understand a bit.


2 responses to “Dreaming of Oregon

  1. Great photos! I went to Oregon a few years ago, and I fell in love with it too! The pacific NW is absolutely amazing!

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