Selling Our Home.

So, good news: one of our showings from yesterday is at the house as we speak for a 2nd showing. Such exciting news. Thanks to all for your prayers. Keeping our fingers crossed!! Updates soon.

UPDATE (8/22/11): So … the couple came through the home for the 2nd time on Saturday. After hearing the feedback, we know they are seriously considering our house. Today is the day we were told we’d hear from them. It was hard to sleep last night … and today, we’re ridden with anxiety. The thought that an offer could be on the table by the end of the day is hard to even comprehend. We do know from their feedback that they think the home is ‘slightly overpriced’, so who knows if the offer will be something we could work with … that is, if there is an offer. We’re really hoping to have an update for everyone soon! I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers & wishes … We had a great weekend of showings & our open house went well. We still have time if this particular couple decides to move on, but it would be absolutely amazing to get an offer today.

UPDATE (8/23/11): Just got off the phone with Ron (our amazing realtor). He said he spoke with the buyer’s agent, and …. DRUMROLL …. We’ll be getting an offer this evening. We have NO idea what kind of offer it is. Apparently, all cash, not asking for closing costs, which is nice, but it leads us to believe it’ll be a little lower than we’re hoping. But, we can negotiate. Hell, if it’s even close to our asking price (or our range), we’ll probably just say YES! This just became so real. Again, we’ll be updating SOOOOON with what happens. SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!! *And yes, we know anything could go wrong with the inspection or contract or whatever else. We aren’t getting overly excited … but this is amazing news and we’re pretty happy!

UPDATE (8/24/11): Forgot to update yesterday. So, we did receive an offer on the 23rd. It was much less than I was expecting, but our realtor said it was spot on for the typical percentage. Good news. So, we countered … then they countered … then we countered again last night. We’re hoping to hear back from them this afternoon. We’re already below what we were hoping for (just a little bit), so it’s just a matter of bringing them up ever so slightly! Fingers crossed that they are still as engaged as they were 3 days ago. This couple seems very nice and easy to work with (this far, at least). Hopefully, we’ll have this house sold by the weekend.


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