A Wish & A Prayer

“A goal is a dream with a timeline” … I saw that last week, and it stuck with me. J and I have never really wished for much. Since we started dating, we sort of took our lives into our hands and made it what we wanted it to be. Now that our house has been on the market for 118 days (and counting), we’re realizing more and more that our fate is currently in the hands of someone/something else.

There’s much more riding on this move than the move itself. Since we decided we were heading to Portland, things have sort of been on pause. Besides the love we have for each other, neither have us have ever felt a feeling so strongly as we do for Oregon. Every ounce of our beings knows that this is the place we’re meant to be. So, each day that the house sits on the market, without an offer, is a little bit heartbreaking. J’s architecture certification is in the balance. The start of our own family is in the balance. And, if we’re keeping it real, our complete happiness is in the balance. We belong there.

With that said … we were hoping we could ask everyone for a wish … or a prayer … whatever it is you do. We lowered the price of the house last week and since then, we’ve had a crazy amount of interest. This weekend (starting tomorrow afternoon), we have 3 showings and an open house.  This is huge! We’ve never had so much traffic through the house. So, if you could all say a prayer for us, we’d really really really appreciate it. We think this weekend might be IT!

Plus, we’ve been saving a bottle of bubbly since the house went on the market a few months ago … and we’d love to drink it!



2 responses to “A Wish & A Prayer

  1. I’m putting LOTS of positive thoughts into the universe. You guys deserve some champagne. :)

  2. This makes me teary eyed . . . because I know it’s what you truly want and because I know it means you will be leaving home. But I am praying that your dreams come true. Nothing bring more joy to a parent than seeing joy in their children. Good things come to those who wait. Love you!

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