What’s Next?

As photographers, we believe in the power of blogs. We blog our images & we’ve grown our business because of it. On the personal side of things, I love to share our lives. Every single day is a gift full of new experiences & lessons … I think it’s important to share. One day, I hope our children will read the blog posts we’ve written and realize their parents were cool. Will the internet even exist then?

I’ve been thinking what direction I’d like to take this blog. On one hand, I love the idea of keeping this blog pretty private: only sharing with close friends & a few family members. The thought of tracking our first pregnancy here gets me very excited. The thought of using this blog as a journal to discuss hard days, feels right. On the other hand, my life has changed a lot the last several years: I’ve become a vegetarian, I started my own business, we decided to move across the country, etc. I feel like this blog could be used as a no-holds-barred platform for our lives. The goal wouldn’t be to entice readership by exposing the intimate details of my marriage, but more of a ‘here’s how we did it’ type place.

I am passionate about several things in my life, and I think sharing your passion with others is important! So, this blog seems like it should reflect my life. It will be full of stories from our life, recipes, travel updates/stories, and whatever else I want. I’ll be writing for my, my husband and our friends & family. If someone else finds interest in this blog, then hooray!



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