I was so proud watching J cross the finish line last year. He had just completed 13.1 miles in the Chicago Rock n’ Roll marathon. It was overwhelming to see his hard work pay off. It was one of my proudest moments as his wife … at the same time, it was a sad moment as his partner. I made a promise that I would run this race with him. After training all of 1 week, I decided it would be impossible, so I let him train & run on his own.

This year is different. I’ve been training for about 2 months now. Slow, but steady. I’ve recently started to develop shin splints, but I’m doing lower-impact exercise (biking) a few times a week to replace the running. It’s important that I build stamina & endurance, as that’s my weak spot.

The thought of running is race excites me. I was reading race tips from our local running store this morning and almost felt like crying. I can see myself running through the streets of Chicago … It’s true that running is addicting. I never thought I’d call myself a runner, but it’s happened. While it was once hard to run for even a minute, I can now run for 10 minutes straight. Now, I know this marathon will be 2 or 3 hours, but that’s okay … I know I don’t have to run the entire time. Just the thought of crossing that finish line gives me the same feelings I had when getting married … or the feelings I get when I think about having our first child. It’s just a super-proud (and empowering) experience, I imagine.

My goal for the week is to make it through my normal loop without stopping … That’s about 1.5 miles. I think I can do it. To reward myself, I’ll be buying new running shoes.

The shin splint situation is just an obstacle that’s been put in my way. It’s a lesson of determination and I fully intend on taking care of myself & overcoming it.

Even though I made J this promise … It’s no longer about him. This is about me. I am so incredibly proud of myself for making it this far. I never thought I would be at this point, and I’m taking it all in. Originally posted 7/11/11.


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