She Called Our Bluff

Remember when Ruca, our dog, chewed up our remote control? Well, it should be easy to remember considering it was only two days ago. Last night, we went out with some clients for dinner. We enjoyed some delicious crepes, beer & frites (that’s the fancy way to say fries). When we walked in the door, we half expected to find something chewed up beyond recognition. Instead, everything was just fine … until we walked into the living room.

Ruca decided she’d chew a random-ass hole in the middle of our living room carpet. What in the world could have been going through her mind? I could totally deal with the remote being chewed up. It’s not like it really mattered that much. But our carpet? Remember, we are trying to sell our home. We purposely decided not to replace the carpet before selling. It wasn’t in too bad of shape, and we’d rather spend that money elsewhere … Well, that’s all changed.

In a few hours, a carpet guy is coming over to measure the space and talk about our options. As of now, it’s looking like it’s going to be about $650. That’s terrible. This whole selling our house thing is getting super old at this point. I’m not mad at the dog … again, it’s not her fault. It’s our fault for leaving them out. It’s just one more little drop of water in the pond of stress I have going on in my life.

I am sure the new carpet will look beautiful … I am sure it will help the house look nicer, and hopefully lead to a sale. We have an open house this Sunday, so we’ll see. Keeping our fingers crossed!


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