Our First Home

We were nervous. After all, it was the first real, adult thing we’d really ever done together. Our dog & cat were packed in the car and we drove. We drove towards what we had been working so hard to achieve. We arrived at the title office just in time to get word from our mortgage company. They had mistakenly sent the money to the wrong bank and the closing would be delayed. Thankfully, the seller understood and we went ahead with the closing. We signed about 40,958,345 pieces of paper, and then it happened: we were handing the keys to our first home.

Three years ago today, we bought our first home together. While it seems like eons ago that we were sitting in that office, the time also seems like it has flown by. This house saw us get married. This house saw us become (dog) parents to little miss Molly. This house has seen our laughter & our tears. At times, this house as seen anger& frustration, but mostly, it sees love. We’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it: we’ve taken it from a shell of a house to our home. While home ownership isn’t always for the faint-of-heart, it’s been totally worth it.

As we get ready for the next chapter of our lives, I don’t ever want to forget what this house has meant to us. Our lives will forever be changed because of our first home. It’s taught us much about patience & hard work. It’s been good to us. We hope that the next owners love it as much as we have. Now, everyone say a little prayer that it sells soon!


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