My Body is Amazing Me

One day last year, J and I were talking about the potential of the human body. If I really worked out and really started eating well, what could my body become? I’ve just settled for this 150-ish pound body I’ve had since college. But, what if I really tried to get in shape … would everything change? Would I look different?

The short answer is … YES! Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve been running, biking, eating WAY better, and living healthier. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for 2 weeks (avoiding calories & the added expense), and breakfast has consisted of healthy, protein smoothies.

At first, I gained some weight (boooo), but now it’s coming off. 3-4 pounds a week. It’s amazing what your body will do if you let it! I was laying on the bed last night and felt a muscle on the outside of my hip I’ve never felt before … J explained it was my hip flexor muscles. Biking & running has definitely strengthened them … and it’s noticeable. The other day I was in an elevator with mirrors on all 4 walls (nightmare!), and I noticed my thighs aren’t touching anymore. I know it seems so small, but it’s these small changes that give me the motivation to keep this up day after day. Back fat is minimized (not gone), and my love handles are shrinking. <- How did I let myself get this way in the first place?!?!

As J is gearing up for his mini-marathon in Chicago (this weekend), I am still bummed I can’t run it with him … but I am soooo proud of both of us for the hard work we’ve been putting in towards our health!


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