It’s a Little Much

Life is a little overwhelming these days.

Today, we learned from our realtor that we’ll be lowering the asking price of our home at midnight. While part of me is a little disappointed that we haven’t even had an offer at this point, the other part of me is trying to stay optimistic.

We’ve had great feedback so far, just no offers. There’s a point in selling a home where it becomes pretty tiring. I think we’ve reached that point. Packing the dogs & cat up and trekking across town is getting a little old. Having to buy fresh flowers, cookies and bottled water (which I HATE because of the awful environmental impact) is getting a little old. Waiting for feedback, only to receive it, but with no accompanying offer is getting a little old. BUT, with all of that said, I know we’ll sell this house. We were meant to follow our dreams … After all, we created this dream. This is all happening because we wanted it to.

Last night, after a day of work, we went on a run. When we got home, I felt refreshed and once again, a little optimistic. We reflected that it was 8:30 and we couldn’t imagine how people with kids manage their time. They truly are super-people. And, while we were laying in bed last night, we had a talk about us and our future. We talked about focusing more on our marriage during this busy time in our lives. We are only 25/26 years old, and have only been married for 2 years and 8 months, but each day, we’re learning how to be better partners for each other. As we get closer to starting our own family, I think it’s really awesome that we take time to talk. To reflect. To challenge each other.

As the month of July continues to go by, I’m going to work on being even more optimistic. I have the time, right now, to work really hard, and that’s why I intend to do. I am hoping that we have at least 1 offer on the table by months end.

On a positive note: J and I have been on a pretty awesome exercise routine lately. We’re both training for the Chicago Rock n’ Roll 1/2 marathon, which takes place next month. We’ve been biking together and even running together a couple times a week. I’m feeling super excited about doing this together.



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