He Almost Killed Her

Our impending cross-country move has had us thinking differently for months:

  • We buy less – Every time we’re tempted to buy something (other than groceries), we ask ourselves a simple question, “Do we want to lug this 2,000 miles across the United States?” Generally, the answer is no.
  • We’ve gotten rid of a lot – Along the same line as shopping. With every open house or showing, we’re adding more and more to the Goodwill pile.
  • Cleaning more often – Let’s be honest … We don’t have children, so I never saw a point of vacuuming every day. Unless people were coming over, the house was pretty messy. We’re busy people, and cleaning after working all day didn’t sound that fun. Nowadays, we’re keeping up on laundry, dishes and yes, vacuuming.

I am sure there are 1,000 more ways our daily lives & thought processes have changed since we knew we were moving. Well, last night, Ruca decided she’d give us a little challenge. You see, one more way we’ve changed since putting the house on the market is un-create-training the dogs. We’ve forgone the big, metal crates and we’ve trained the dogs to stay out while we’re gone. Besides the occasional card, or Netflix DVD sleeve, things have been left alone while we’re gone. Last night, that changed.

That, my friends, is our remote for our audio system. Now, I think it’s our responsibility to put things away that might entice the dogs: food/gum, remotes, water bottles, socks, etc, but J doesn’t seem to agree. Unfortunately for Ruca, Jimmy is the one who found the remote. He yelled, pinned her to the ground and proceeded to scold her until her little doggie spirit was broken … at least that’s how it felt. I’m of the belief that nothing is more valuable than life … our lives … our pet’s lives. Everything else can be replaced. Do I give a crap that she chewed the remote? Not really … sure, that means we’ll have to walk over to the receiver to change the settings, but oh well. Really, I’m sure we can find another one online for less than $20. The only part that made me mad were the huge battery acid marks on the carpet. Yes, she chewed on the batteries. She’s still alive, so I’m sure once she realized that they were burning her mouth, she stopped. The stains cleaned right up with a little soap & water.

The moral of this post is to prove that I’m totally going to be the better parent! Everyone always jokes that our kids are going to love J more because he’s more playful and seemingly nicer … but last night, I bet all Ruca wanted was a hug from her momma.

Note: If Ruca ever decides to chew up my iPhone, cameras, computer, etc, I’ll put her down. Only joking … sort of.


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