Last weekend, we packed up the car on went on a mini road trip to Chicago. My dad was kind enough to housesit for us, and I’m sure our little fur-children had a good time when we were away. The trip up there was b-e-a-utiful … Like maybe 75 degrees and sunny the entire time. It was a windows-down-music-up type of road trip. When we arrived, we parked the car, made our way to the hotel and went out on a little adventure.

Our first stop was Michigan Ave & Wacker Drive … It’s my absolute favorite part of the city. There’s something about towering skyscrapers next to water that does it for me. So beautiful!

We ended up at Navy Pier … We rode the ferris wheel, just like we did 4 years ago when J proposed. It went a lot slower this time … Slow enough to make me want to vomit when I thought about how high up we were. Xanax much?The next day was spent shooting an engagement session, and meeting our friend for lunch. At this point, I thought I had broken my feet. Apparently, flats aren’t the best footwear for 6+ miles of walking. Who knew?!?!

On Sunday, J ran his marathon. Yes … I was on the sidelines yet again this year, but it really didn’t matter. I’ll post more on this later, but basically, my husband is a badass.

It feels good to be home after a long weekend away. Though, I’m not sure I had my fill of rude people and crazy taxi drivers … There’s always next year, right?

Taken with Nikon D700 // 24mm 1.4


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