Babies on the Brain

Maybe it’s just hormones, but lately, the ol’ “I want a baby” talk has been happening a lot. When you have Baby Fever, here’s what the world looks like: adorable pregnant ladies everywhere, cute children (who never cry) everywhere, hot dads (who aren’t afraid to carry a diaper bag) everywhere. Every time we watch a movie with babies or young kids, I find myself longing to have a little one of our own. When I’m cutting up an avocado in the kitchen, I think about the day I get to make my own baby food. I’ve even started planning the way we’ll eventually tell our families & friends that we’re expecting. This is crazy right? We’re 26 years old. We’ve been married for 3 years, and known each other for 6 years. It just seems like it’s time.

Now, we have a ‘plan’ (if there is such a thing). We’re thinking we’ll start trying in about 8 months. WHAT?!?! That seems scary. Basically, we have a few things that must happen first: move to Portland, J get’s a full-time architecture job (with insurance), and I need to get to my goal weight. The weight thing might seem weird, but I want to be in the 130’s before getting pregnant. I figure it’s harder to lose weight after a baby, so I better get into good shape before even thinking about it.

At this point, it’s a waiting game. I’ve always complained that there are lulls in relationships. You know, the time between dating & getting engaged, the time between getting engaged & getting married, and now the time we’re experiencing: the time between getting married & having babies. I think the best part about this ‘lull’ is finding ways to make it exciting. Yesterday, I got the idea to travel to Europe or Hawaii next summer … before any baby makes an appearance. While I feel like I want a baby NOW, I am really enjoying this last year of the two of us. Life is good. Originally posted 8/4/11.

*UPDATE: We’ve decided to hold off another year before babies! After deciding our priorities (traveling, business, etc), it just makes more sense to wait a bit longer. Though, I am sure it’ll happen when it’s meant to. Only time will tell.


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